The 2018 Licensing Expo is happening right now in Las Vegas, and Hasbro and Saban are there showing off the newest Power Rangers season, and we have our first look at the companions for the rangers and the Megazord as well. The companions to the rangers are going to be called Beast Bots, and each one is going to represent the animal for each ranger. The Red Ranger’s bot is going to be named Jaguar, the Blue Ranger’s bot is named Gorilla, and the Yellow Ranger’s bot is named Rabbit.

Now, these aren’t the final names for the bots, and they are subject to change. Another thing that was revealed was an animated picture of what the Megazord is going to look like. There is no official name for it, but we have some images that you check out below of the Rangers, and of the Megazord.

Source: Power Rangers NOW