Solo: A Star Wars Story is looking to be a success based on early buzz.  Along with the moderate success of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Disney has a viable sub-franchise to work with.  An upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi film looks to be the next prequel in the works. But what about after?

Where to Look

Before the Disney acquisition of Lucas Films, the Star Wars expanded universe had a rich history.  There were characters and stories that went back over a thousand years before A New Hope.  Re-introducing characters like Thrawn has stirred anticipation for other possible films based on the old universe.


Nomi Sunrider

Thousands of years before Obi-Wan Kenobi, Nomi Sunrider was a Jedi Master during the relative peace of the Old Republic.  While Force sensitive, Nomi did not set out to become a Jedi.  She met and fell in love with the Jedi Knight, Andur Sunrider. They eventually married together and had a daughter.

Tragically, while the family was relocating, Andur was ambushed and killed.  Nomi took up her husband’s lightsaber and drove off the attackers.  Consequently, she began her path to becoming a legendary Jedi.


An Epic Story

During Nomi’s storied career, she would become a central figure in the Great Sith War. The Sith were an ancient enemy of the Jedi, thought to be extinct.  Freedon Nadd, a disillusioned young Jedi, sought out their teachings and eventually claimed the title of the Dark Lord of the Sith.  Under Nadd’s control, on a planet far from the Jedi’s reach, a new Sith empire would grow.  Eventually, the Republic stumbled upon the existence of the Sith realm. The Sith began the war by ambushing a Republic fleet.  Nomi Sunrider and her fellow Jedi led the charge against this outside threat.

The Perfect Choice

Nomi Sunrider is the perfect character for a modern Star Wars story.  She is a strong woman, but not the sexy female warrior currently popular in Hollywood movies.  Nomi chose to marry and raise a child but was forced by circumstance to take on a different role.  She undergoes Jedi training while still being a single mother and is able to become both a powerful Jedi Knight and a loving parent.  Ultimately, Nomi’s abilities made her a Jedi Master and a respected leader in the Jedi Order.  While films about beloved characters from the old movies are nice, the franchise will have to give audiences new ones to really flourish.