Now take this rumor with a grain of salt since it is from TMZ. Earlier today TMZ announced that the next stand alone film in the Star Wars universe would indeed be the long awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi film, and guess what it will not be an origin story. According to TMZ, they caught hand of the official production sheet from the film with the “official” title being Obi-Wan: A STAR WARS STORY, with a working title if JOSHUA TREE. According to them the synopsis is as follows:

Obi-Wan is on Tatooine being an elusive hermit and stuff but secretly watches over an infant Luke Skywalker, whom he delivered to his uncle, Owen. Tensions between the local farmers and a tribe of Sand People — headed by a ruthless war chief — eventually brings Obi outta hiding … and into Jedi kickass mode.

They also announce that Billy Elliot director Stephen Daldry is set to direct, which has been a rumor for a while may we add and kind of odd at the same time since he’s only used to directing more dramatic fare. On top of finding it’s director, the film will be filmed at a “famous British studio” which is more than likely Pinewood and filming starts in the spring of 2019.

Now again, this is all from TMZ. Don’t get me wrong they have been known as a sleazy paparazzi website but they have and always try to release accurate info out. They did release leaked pictures from the set of The Last Jedi last year and have been known to be spot on on some of there Star Wars info.

Now to make this official we’ll just have to wait for the official announcement from Kathleen Kennedy and Lucafilm. Maybe we’ll get the announcement at next years Star Wars Celebration in Chicago which would make sense.