Superman and DC fans were quite surprised back in January when DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. made the announcement of their next live-action series for their DC streaming service. Why have two Superman prequel series like Smallville and Krypton when you can have three?

Announced back in January, Metropolis that was set to be all about Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, two of the most prominent Superman characters. Ordered straight to series for 13 episodes, Metropolis comes from Gotham executive producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon. The latter was set to helm the pilot like he did for the Batman prequel series, where he has directed several episodes.

While the studios announced that a  Swamp Thing series was in development, we got some Metropolis updates too. Despite being set for a 2019 release, Deadline has revealed that the Superman prequel is being retooled from its initial premise.

According to the trade, Metropolis was aimed to be the second series to follow the highly anticipated Titans show from Arrowverse guru Greg Berlanti. The reasons for why the show was pulled are still unclear at this point. When the show was first announced, there were quite a lot of negative responses as fans were frustrated about getting yet another Superman series without the Man of Steel.

Along with Syfy’s Krypton, The CW currently has Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist as the Girl of Steel, so there is a good amount of Kryptonian presence already on air. But a Superman series featuring Clark Kent as the Last Son of Krypton hasn’t happened since Smallville, which starred Tom Welling as everyone’s favorite Boy Scout.Image result for lex luthor lois lane

Set to focus on Lois and Lex, Metropolis would feature these iconic Superman players investigating the world of “fringe science” while revealing the city’s “dark and bizarre” secrets to the public before the arrival of the Man of Steel. While intriguing, it’s quite understandable why fans would be hesitant to a show about the Man of Tomorrow’s city that he protects without the actual man there to protect it. It remains to be seen how soon it will be until we hear new details on what they will do with the project.

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