After Star Wars The Last Jedi came out in late December, two things happened. First the HATE was strong and I mean strong with the film and second the Star Wars theorists went rampant with what would happen next in Episode IX. One theory I had was that there had to be a time jump in the next film, that way you could set up general Leia’s death since Carrie Fisher passed and we had no new footage with her. It makes sense that the opening scrolls would reveal this, that way we skip the formality and go right into Rey training the wave of young Jedi’s. Yes you heard me right, we’ll have a new wave of young padawans.

Funny thing happened this week, my time jump theory might have some legs and Finn himself John Boyega might have dropped a huge hint. While promoting a new cancer fighting app in the UK, Boyega gave a few hints about Episode IX and where JJ Abrams might take the finale to the trilogy.

UK Finance quotes Boyega as saying:

“I can’t wait to start shooting the next and final leg of the franchise. The first step is growing out my hair, so you can wait for the trailer to see why.”

Now lets go over this interesting quote. Two things stand out to me. First he says it’s the “final leg of the franchise”. Now we know that Rian Johnson has his own trilogy coming so this could possibly just mean its the end of this new trilogy which it will be. We also know that Kathleen Kennedy already said that the next trilogy will still revolve around Rey, Poe and Finn so who knows how much of a time jump we’re talking here.

Now the second part of the quote he says he needs to grow his hair out. Does this indeed mean that we will see Finn years after The Last Jedi with longer hair? Maybe he’ll have longer hair and a beard? Either way of there is a time jump it would take the franchise back to its roots and go back to years between films. That was one of the best things about the original trilogy. Truth be told this is a clear sign that Abrams is going back to the traditional way of making Star Wars films and trying to clean up what Rian Johnson might have messed up to die hard Star Wars fans.