I’m here to kick some ass and eat some Oreos, and I’m all out of Oreos.

A few days ago it was announced that Ben Affleck has left the mantle of the Bat and would not be in the Matt Reeves film, tentatively called The Batman. While the news was of little surprise, it left fans wondering about Affleck’s time in the cowl. To be honest with you, we believe that Ben Affleck was a good Batman.

Not his fault

Ben Affleck may, unfortunately, be mentioned in the same breath as Val Kilmer and George Clooney as bad Batmen. In reality, Affleck’s Batman was outstanding. The films were awful, but that was not his fault. Affleck can not be blamed for the tepid, too-dark, DC Murderverse created by Zack Snyder. That blame rests on Snyder, DC, Warner Brothers, and anyone else who didn’t have the good sense to understand that fans don’t want their heroes deconstructed.

Frank Miller’s Influence

Older, more world-weary Batman

It’s not difficult to see Frank Miller’s influence on Affleck’s Batman. Miller’s classic The Dark Knight Returns, released in 1986 as a four-part series, gave readers a world-weary Batman. This version had been out of the game for a while but returned with aplomb when the need arose. Affleck portrayed that gravitas in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and continued it in Justice League. Unfortunately, Affleck’s stellar turn as Batman was ultimately wasted in those two bloated and underwhelming films.

Justice League was, at least, a better send-off than BvS

So what now?

With the overwhelming success of both Wonder Woman and Aquaman, two DC superhero films that demonstratively prove that you can have actual fun with this source material, where do we go with Batman? In other words, so what now? Obviously Warner Brothers isn’t going to shelve one of their superhero pillars. This means that I will have experienced seven different Batman in my lifetime, this includes Will Arnett. It’s difficult to predict where both DC and Warner Brothers will go from here, but in our opinion Ben Affleck was a very good Batman in some very mediocre films.

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