On Saturday, December 29th, No.2 Clemson takes on No.3 Notre Dame in the first college football playoff semifinal in 2018 at the Cotton Bowl. This is the fourth consecutive year Clemson has made it to the playoffs and the winner advances to the College Football Playoff championship game. The Clemson’s mascot is a tiger and Christian Wilkins (42), the defensive tackle, calls himself the White Tiger Ranger.

From left to right: Lawrence, Wilkins, Robinson, Ferrell, Watkins (Photo courtesy of Kristy Pearman)

It began when Wilkins and other teammates dressed as Power Rangers and went to their coaches house on Halloween a few years ago. Wilkins in an interview with TigerNet calls himself a chronic “Power Rangers fan.” Before each practice, the teammates morph. Every time Wilkins gets a sach, his celebration is a morph. When the helmets go on, it’s morphin time for these players.

Wilkins’s Celebration Morph

Wilkins calls their athletic facility (the Oculus) the Command Center after the headquarters of the Power Rangers and he even refers to his coach as Zordon. “Every morning Coach Brooks texts us when there’s an early meeting and I’m like, ‘Affirmative, Zordon. On my way to the command center.’ That’s always my reply.” The Oculus can be seen below.

The Oculus

Clemson (13-0) faces Notre Dame (12-0) December 29th in the Cotton Bowl. Can the Clemson Tigers and their Power Rangers defeat Brian Kelly and the Fighting Irish? Find out who will come out on top in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic on ESPN!