Rangers That Need to Be Added Next Year to POWER RANGERS: Legacy Wars


13.Blue Senturion:

A sentient robotic intergalactic police officer from the future. I would love to have an all robotic team with him Robo Knight & the Phantom Ranger.(Yes I believe Phantom Ranger may very well be a cyborg like those cyborg Turbo Rangers from Eltar).

14.Xander Bly-Green Mystic Ranger:

His Magical Earth root powers would make for an awesome counterattack. The Mystic Mode Change with the Magi Staff and the Mystical Fighter Gloves would make for great battle breakers and finishing moves for the character.

15. Sentinel Knight:

An ancient warrior who is the soul protector of the Corona Aurora. Legacy Wars needs more of the side heroes from the franchise. Sentinel Knight would make an awesome team with Robo Knight and The Gold Ranger.

16.Gem-Ranger Operator Series Gold:

Gem and Gemma are a duo pack in my eyes and should never be separated. Their Ice and Fire approach and attacks would make for a gratifying win.

17.Shelby Watkins-Pink Dino Charge Ranger:

Being the first ever African-American Pink Ranger is an amazing accomplishment and feat. More female power to add to the roster.

Which Ranger would you like to see in the game in 2019? Leave a message in the comments below!