Rangers That Need to Be Added Next Year to POWER RANGERS: Legacy Wars


7. Joe Shih-Time Force SIlver/HyperForce Green:

While this character/ranger was introduced in the RPG Power Rangers HyperForce, he is an American made Ranger that was not introduced in the Sentai. I personally would love this due to the lore and world building HyperForce created expanding upon Power Rangers Time Force.

8. Merrick Baliton-Lunar Wolf Ranger:

Being cursed by the Org Wolf Mask, Merrick became Zen-Aku as he took down Master Org.Unfortunately he had to be sealed away by the other 5 Ancient Warriors of Animaria. Once the Wild Force Rangers broke the curse, he became the Lunar Wolf Ranger. It would be awesome to have Lunar Wolf be the leader with an assist from Zen-Aku.

9. Tori Hanson-Blue Wind Ranger:

Being the only female ranger on the team, her wind powers would make as a fierce attack. Plus I wanna see the Once A Ranger team on here. (SideNote: They deserve their own mini series comic)

10.Kira Ford-Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger:

Kira was the only female ranger for her team as well. Seeing her in Super Dino Mode for Legacy Wars would make for an epic finishing move.

11.Red S.P.D. Ranger:

Rather it be Jack, Sky, or Bridge, Red S.P.D. and his S.W.A.T. Mode fits perfectly for Legacy Wars. My preference would be Jack because his is only the 2nd African American to become Red Ranger and leader of the team.

12.Sky Tate-S.P.D. Deka Ranger:

For the Holidays, we got a new Power Rangers graphic novel entitled,​ Soul of The Dragon. Manly about an older Tommy Oliver as he morphs into battle for the very last time, we got to see what this new world of S.P.D. looks like. Commander Doggie Kruger is now the Supreme Commander of S.P.D. Sky takes over the role as Earth Base Commander and now morphs into the Deka Ranger. His design would look great in Legacy Wars. Hopefully we will get an update on his arsenal and weapons here soon.