Henry Thomas Joins STARGIRL As Dr. Mid-Nite

Following the casting announcement of Joel McHale as Starman, the DC Universe show Stargirl has just found it’s Dr. Mid-Nite in the form of Henry Thomas.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have learned that Henry Thomas has officially joined the cast of Stargirl as a founding member of the Justice Society Of America.

Henry Thomas is mostly known for his starring role in the recent Netflix series The Haunting Of Hill House and has gained a fair amount of popularity since then. Meaning that fans have been waiting to see what he was going to do next. 

The hero will be a recurring guest star throughout the series and is being described as a “brilliant and forward-thinking medical pioneer, and a founding member of the JSA. With his trusty owl, he acts as the team’s resident doctor and detective.”

It will be nice to see a different interpretation of the hero after a rather underdeveloped version appeared in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow in it’s second season. 

Stargirl is looking to launch on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019. 

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