KAMEN RIDER Decade Neo Decadriver Announced

With Kamen Riders Decade return to the series we get a special surprise from Premium Bandai.

We have new info about Decade’s new belt the Neo Decadriver. This updated version of his old belt brings a new pink and black paint job and decals for every Hesei Kamen Rider.


The belt includes a Kamen Ride card for every Hesei Rider from Kuuga to Zi-o. We get a Final Attack Ride card for each rider. We also get Final Form Ride cards for the first 10 Hesei Riders. It’s rare for a Kamen Rider to get a updated belt years after their series ends so get your pre-order in while you can. The Neo Decadriver will release in March of 2019 for 9180 Yen. Leave a comment below if your excited for this newest release.


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