Why The Robert De Niro Movie Casino Was So Popular?


Robert De Niro is a fantastic actor, experienced, talented and versatile enough to star in movies covering all genres. However, his most memorable performances were in Mafia movies and one of the best films is the celebrated Casino. Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece is based on an equally famous movie written by Nicholas Pileggi and Robert De Niro is at the cornerstone of the narrative. It tells the story of the Mafia involvement in the Las Vegas casino industry and how organized crime was able to control it for years.

Casino makes viewers feel like insiders

There are hundreds of new UK casino sites available online and people in Europe love to gamble. One of the main reasons for why Casino was an instant hit is that the movie was able to get viewers fully immersed into the atmosphere. The first part of the movie plays like a documentary and conveys a lot of useful information that makes people curious to learn the whole story. De Niro’s character is based on the real-life person, Frank Rosenthal who catches the eye of the mobsters because of his math brilliance and keen eye for details. Tasked with the mission of running the casinos for the Mafia while keeping a low profile, Rothstein meets and exceeds expectations.

Things take a turn for the worse for the lead character, when he meets Ginger McKenna, whom he falls in love with and lately marries. Casino becomes even more exciting when Joe Pesci’s character Nicky Santoro steps in and mayhem ensues. The movie gets the audience fully hooked, with a mix of violence, numerous twists in the narratives and superb acting. Scorsese is, of course, a brilliant director and he tells the story with unmatched energy, so despite its sheer length, the movie never gets boring.

Crime and gambling go hand-in-hand in movies

There are several recipes for success in Hollywood blockbusters and we have plenty of examples of great movies based on gambling and crime. Casino is one of the best of them, because of the manner in which it is directed, the stellar acting and the intriguing narrative. It also helps that it is based on real events and characters that, at some point, played a key role in the Las Vegas gambling industry. In spite of being filmed and released more than two decades ago, the film remains as fresh and entertaining today.

Moviemakers have found a way to extract an astonishing amount from the otherwise common theme of gambling. By spicing things up with elements of organized crime in general and Mafia in particular, screenwriters and directors are even more likely to succeed. Robert De Niro’s name in the cast of any move is a solid incentive to go watch the film, especially when he plays a wise-guy in a Mafia movie. In Casino, the entire cast is loaded with incredible talent and this makes it easy to recommend even to those who don’t have a clear preference for either gambling or crime movies.


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