Star Wars: 6 Best Lightsaber Fights in the Movies


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#3 Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul (The Phantom Menace)

As powerful as many of the previous fights were, this fight contained the first true jaw dropping fight in the Star Wars movies.  Its power came largely from the way it was shot as much as from the fighters itself.  We were supposed to be emotional over the loss of Qui-Gonn, but thanks to the soundtrack that was the worst kept secret in movie history.  Obi-Wan is now fuming but still stuck behind the barrier.  When it lowers, and Obi-Wan comes charging out its GAME ON!

The flurry of sabers is not only incredible, but the greatness of that scene belongs to the camera as well.  Instead of doing a lot of quick moves, cut and paste, Ewan launches into a single tirade of attacks that is shot in one panoramic sequence.  Ray Park, being the expert he is, plays his part in the brilliance of the scene.  After that they go into some great cut and paste fighting, but after the opening scene the fight seems to showcase Maul (Park’s) and his agility.

Either way Ewan and Park executed a great fight that is often one of the most talked about fights in Star Wars.