Star Wars: 6 Best Lightsaber Fights in the Movies


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#4 Anakin and Obi-Wan (Revenge of the Sith)

I think this fight does a great job of not only entertaining audiences with a good sword fight, but also in telling a story.  First off is the opening sword play.  At times it may seem repetitive, and at times even a bit unnecessary.  The thing is though, it’s telling a story.  These two have been together for roughly 20 years with the past 2-3 years in heavy combat.  They know each other very well.  Anakin is always the aggressor, and Obi-Wan is always in retreat, which does actually play into his Soresu form.

After the opening of the fight, the fight starts to turn dirty.  We get more of the punches and kicks thrown in as well as trying to attack while scrambling for their lives.  These two know each other extremely well, so it should feel a bit choreographed because each knows what the other is going to do.  The choreography does a great job of showing Obi-Wan holding his own against the more powerful Anakin, but it shows his wearing down as well.  Anakin is still coming full speed and Obi-Wan is wearing down.

A Fight Too Long?

The ending is totally on par with the rest of the series.  Intelligence over arrogance.  Anakin’s decision to vault over Obi-Wan instead of simply going around him shines to the very core of every single Sith defeat – arrogance.

The downside to this fight is the length that George had it.  Rumors swirled during production the fight was over 45 minutes long on its own.  So much had to be paired down, some good stuff was lost.  Anakin originally force-threw objects just like in Empire.  Also, there is a scene where Obi-Wan is pinned to the table with Anakin bearing down on him.  If you look, Obi-Wan has Anakin’s lightsaber and vise-versa. They switched mid-fight, but that was cut out.  The switch back however was not.

All in all, this was a solid, very well paced fight.  It is the best Jedi vs Jedi in their primes fight we have gotten to date.  It was a great balance between quality swordsmanship and force use.