Star Wars: 6 Best Lightsaber Fights in the Movies


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#5 Dooku vs Yoda (Attack of the Clones)

As in my bottom 6 article, some of those fights were good, but landed there on a technicality.  This is the same here.  This fight might have landed in the no-man’s land in the middle save for what this fight was off screen.  This is the fight audiences had been waiting 22 years for.  We knew Yoda was a great master.  Now we would see him in action.  The whole set up was very well done.  Yoda meanders into the room.  Dooku and Yoda do their little “force-play” foreplay.  When that goes nowhere, its time to sweep the cape aside and slick draw your lightsaber.  ACTION!  When Yoda’s lightsaber ignited, the movie audience erupted into an enormous roar.

Yoda does what would be his signature jumping, rolling and bouncing.  The editing did a very good job of keeping the close-ups and panning shots in formless rotation.  It very much gave the impression of Dooku chasing Yoda around the room as he bounced about.  Dooku never does use his saber correctly, but at least the moves looked legit and more believable than in the previous fights.