20 Star Wars Gifts Every Die-Hard Fan Should Get For Christmas, Part 1


 15 Star Wars Rebel Delio Acacia Cheese Board and Tools Set

Is your Star Wars fan a cheese lover? Then how about getting them this Star Wars cheese board and tool set. The Star Wars Rebel Delio Acacia Cheese Board and Tools Set is a two-toned acacia cutting board that has carved out grooves to hold a cheese knife and three acacia cheese markers. It comes with a wet erase marker so you can handwrite descriptions onto the ceramic cheese markers and insert them into the cheeses you’re serving. So, get ready for them to serve that Bantha cheese in style. This can be ordered from Entertainment Earth for $55.99.

14 Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass

It’s a trap! This Admiral Ackbar singing bass will be a great gift for the Star Wars fan that loves to fish. Ackbar springs to life at the press of a button or when motion is detected. He plays the Cantina Song and says “It’s a trap!” Ackbar can be ordered at thinkgeek.com for $39.99.

13 Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual: Star Wars: Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station.

This is for that fan whose Death Star is just not running right. This manual will explain the origins of the Death Star and go over the on-board systems and controls. So if you are looking to get a gift to help someone build their own Death Star, then what are you waiting for order this today from Amazon.

12 The Star Wars Cook Book: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes


Are you ready for some food from all over the Galaxy? If so this simple cookbook will be the perfect gift for the cooker in your family. From Wookiee Cookies to Cantina Chili this cookbook will make meals fun and snacks as good as Chewbacca’s mom makes. So, I hope you are hungry and ready for some fun in the kitchen. This cookbook can be found on Amazon.

11 Star Wars Scented Candles

Have you ever wanted to know what a Wookiee smells like or how bad a Tauntaun smells on the inside? Well thanks to these Disney-approved Star Wars scented candles we now can get those answers. The Star Wars candle scents are base off the Original Trilogy. The manufacturer breaks them down down by film as follows:

  • A New Hope: Bantha Milk, Wookiee, Trash Compactor, X-Wing Cockpit, Cantina Bar
  • The Empire Strikes Back: Inside of a Tauntaun, Millennium Falcon, Yoda’s Cooking Pot, Han Solo in Carbonite, Lightsaber Duel
  • Return of the Jedi: Rancor, Sarlacc Pit, Jabba’s Palace, Ewok, Death Star Destroyed

If you are ready to take the chance to fill your house with the smells of Star Wars you can order them from Merchoid or Geekstore.

So there you have numbers 20-11. Come back tomorrow for the top 10 Star Wars gifts this holiday season! If you have any comments, or suggestions for this list, let me know by hitting me up on twitter @starwarsnerd574.