Comic Review: Titans #27 (Spoilers)


There are times in life when life just sucks.  Then you have times where it really sucks.  If only life was that bright for out Titan heroes. Titans #27 takes you about as low as a team can go, and most of it blind sides you. Given the nature of some of the reveals, I’m tagging this as a spoiler article for those who do not read other titles (esp Nightwing).

If you are trying to put a superhero team together and it ends up at this point, it may be time to quit.  In fact the team is wondering if they should do just that.  To start, Donna is mourning the loss of Roy Harper.  It is a beautiful page showing Donna as she lays a rose on her friend’s grave.  This threw me for a loop for a moment as i had no recollection of Roy dying.  I believe this is the tie-in to Heroes in Crisis where Roy was indeed just killed.

Then you get the bombshell i wasn’t expecting.  Nightwing has been shot in the head!(Batman #55, Nightwing#50)  As of this Issue, the Titans leader is in the hospital and the team doesn’t know how to move forward.  This was Dick’s team put together for Dick’s purposes and now he is in the hospital with a bullet to the brain.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Donna is back on the bottle, boozing it up, and the remaining Titans have to figure out what to do with Tyler, one of the first people they save who was suffering from the source energy.  He is dying and the only hope of saving is to over-radiate him in hopes of stabilizing him, which might kill him.

Friends in Need

This is one of those issues where it is centered on everyone comforting everyone else.  Some people do not like this kinda thing, but i thought it was done beautifully.  One of my favorite scenes was with Raven and Donna.  Donna has gone cold to the world with the death of Roy and the shooting of Dick. Raven begins to talk to her, but of course Donna does not get exactly what Raven is feeling – or not feeling.  To have millions of voices crying out in your hear your entire life, get used to them and then to have them suddenly gone.  How empty would that feel?  Dan Abnett does a great job of explaining the numbness of how Raven is feeling, so much so that it actually breaks through Donna’s malaise, snapping her back to reality.

Miss M and Gar have a touching scene as well that really helps spell out how Miss Martian is feeling with the new team and the sudden loss of Nightwing.  I thought it fitting that it was Donna in the end that snaps the team back into focus.

Then what happens?  Their long shot actually fails.  Tyler dies as well.  Poor Gar takes it so hard and then says the one thing you never, ever say: “This day couldn’t be any worse.  Seriously…”

This team is having serious issues.  Having read Nightwing #50, Dick is up and moving around just fine.  There is just one problem.  He has lost a lot of memory and has no interest in being Nightwing again. Does this make Donna the defacto leader for now?  For good?  Can these heroes even be a team with all this pain, Nightwing out, and Raven nowhere near 100%.  I am very curious to see where the Titans are headed.

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