Catwoman #4 Preview: Copycats Pt. 4


This is a nice issue that finally consolidates Catwoman’s past.  Catwoman has had so many different origins over the decades.  To say what has or hasn’t happened in her past has been difficult because one story always interfered with another, so one just went with what was most recent.  Here in Catwoman #4, Joelle Jones gives us a great consolidation of those past stories and presents a more definitive past for Selina Kyle.

What i love about how Jones tells her backstory is that Jones draws on the previous iterations and merges them into a seamless whole that makes sense.  Her sister, Maggie, turns out to be the appointment Selina never likes to miss as hinted at in previous issues.  In a mental coma due to the tortures of Black Hand,  Maggie is confined to a hospital and wheelchair.  Whether she recognizes Selina or not we cannot tell.

I really like how the flashbacks set up not only the early relationship with Mags and Selina.  It incorporates the images and story from Her Sister’s Keeper from 1989.  It also demonstrates Selina’s draw to darkness, yet holding a moral code of doing the right thing for others.  Selina fails to blink when she steals things she wants, but does not hesitate to save someone who is being bullied.  Meanwhile Mags takes the honest rode, becoming a nun, then house wife.

Mags lives the great life until Black Mask tortures her husband to death, then tortures her.  Selina feels so responsible for Maggie’s pain and everything that has happened.  It shows the guilt Selina hides.  One wonders how this will play out as the story moves forward.

Then we have Dr Finick.  A normal doctor coming in to do normal tests with no actual proof as to why he should be there.  Nothing bad is about to happen at all.  Yup…looks as of something bad is about to go down against Mags, but thankfully big sis is hiding in the room.

PS – LOVE this ALT cover!