Hell, the Devil and the Deep Rule NYCC 2018, Day 3

DC Makes a splash at NYCC 2018 With Aquaman Trailer

Admittedly DC released the Aquaman trailer on Day 2, but everyone was still talking about it on Day 3. After critics decried Batman v.Superman and the “Mustache-Gate” that followed Justice League, DC needs a win. Judging by the five-minute extended look at the film, I think they’ll get it.

Jason Mimoa is an affable, charismatic action hero, and will certainly draw both male and female demographics to the theaters. In fact, of all the actors to have autograph sessions at NYCC 2018 on Day 3, Mimoa was one of if not the only one to sell out…. before the day even started.

With these blockbuster happenings, it’s hard to focus on anything else from Day 3. So, we’ll just leave you with…

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