New York Comic-Con 2018, Day 2: Panels, Previews and Premiers

New York Comic-Con 2018 Cosplay

Cosplayers stepped up their game exponentially on Day 2. First a couple of soldiers from H.A.L.O. dropped in:

New York Comic-Con 2018 And then we got to say hello to He-Man’s nemesis:

One of my personal favorites was this police officer from The Fifth Element:

Ant-Man and the Wasp even stopped by:

But Bumble Bee, who we suspect was a film-studio creation (we’ll try to confirm) easily won the day for the cosplay.

Star Wars cosplayers were also out in full… wait for it… Force, but we’ll show them all together in a separate post at the end of the convention.

That’s a wrap for New York Comic-Con 2018, Day 2.


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