Poe Dameron Comic Confirms STAR WARS Episode IX Rumor!

There is certainly a lot packed into the final issue of Marvel’s Star Wars: Poe Dameron Comic. As the comic series comes to a close, we learn what happens to Black Squadron and whether Poe will regain his rank of commander. We even get confirmation of a big Star Wars Episode IX rumor. Before we get to that though, let’s review how we got here.
Recapping Poe’s Last Jedi Journey

The Last Jedi saw Poe demoted and the hotshot pilot lose a battle of wills with Vice Admiral Holdo. Reaction to Poe’s actions in the film were divided. Oscar Isaac defended his character’s actions, while fans held a mock court martial trial to convict Poe of insubordination. Poe had a lot of growing to do, as a leader and as a pilot. His character development has now played out through the comic’s 31 issues.

Poe Dameron Comic Reveals the Status of the Resistance

Poe Dameron Comic

Image: Marvel Comics Poe Dameron Issue #31 (Soule/Unzueta/Prianto)

One thing we learn in the comic is that yes, those aboard the Millennium Falcon at the end of The Last Jedi are all that’s left of the Resistance. Leia is reluctant to take any more chances with the few remaining soldiers she commands. That’s why she initially refuses to allow Poe to rush off to Black Squadron’s aid. If you recall, Poe’s pilots fell under attack during a rescue mission in Issue #30. Poe convinces Leia that helping those they care about is the essence of the Resistance. Against her better judgement, she lets Poe go, reinstating him to the rank of commander in the process.

Image: Marvel Comics Poe Dameron Issue #31 (Soule/Unzueta/Prianto)

Episode IX Rumor Confirmed in Poe Dameron Comic #31

Taking his new role as Resistance leader to heart, Poe swoops in flying an odd-looking fighter craft and saves the day. The remaining pilots of Black Squadron of reunited, and the mission is a success. However, one throw-away line in the comic seems to confirm a big Episode IX rumor


Poe Dameron Comic

Image: Marvel Comics Poe Dameron Issue #31 (Soule/Unzueta/Prianto)

Yes, the Resistance will receive aid, and likely enter into an alliance with the Hutts. How that will work, what with Leia being the “Huttslayer” and all, should be interesting. We’ll find out when Episode IX hits theaters in December, 2019.

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