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I really like the quality of this game.  Some games have a lot of pieces and most of them are wooden squares of simple shapes.  Rebellion uses cards that are of decent stock.  They are not high quality, but they are more than strong enough to handle gameplay.  They will last.  The board is plenty think.  The pictures of the planets are detailed serve their purpose.  All of the little ships are nicely detailed for their size, which is quite small. You are paying a pretty penny for this game, but you will get your money’s worth in quality.

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The box itself is high grade cardboard and will hold up as the carrying case.  Inside there are trays to keep cards and bags of tokens/ships quasi-organized, but it is mainly separating piles.  How you bag things will determine how well your game is organized more so than the box tray itself.  If you search online you can find foam trays that separate and hold each individual piece.  These types of trays are incredible.

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In the end this is a very high-quality game, and it is worth the price. It is very well made and exciting to play.  The biggest downside is that this is one of those games you pull out once a week to play, spend 3-5 hours with it, then put it away for the week.  Unless you can leave it out on the table, set up and ready to go.  In which case you will be playing it often.  The time to play as well as the difference in play from Empire to Rebel is enough that replay value is very high.

SET UP: 5/10



STORAGE: 6.5/10

FINAL SCORE: 27.5/40 Riley Sheahan Womens Jersey

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