Superheroes You Can Bet On


We know you love comic book heroes as much as we do. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t! Whether it was Batman, Superman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman, we all had different posters on our walls as children. Some of you may even have liked to play dress up as your favorite comic book hero from time to time. We know we did. What’s better than running around the house in a Spiderman outfit, shooting imaginary webs at your parents?

Unfortunately, we all have to grow up in the end. The Batman outfit stays in the wardrobe for Halloween parties, and we have to go out, find a job and make some money. Suddenly the world doesn’t seem as fun as it used to be. But have no fear, because all those superheroes from your childhood have got your back when it comes to trying to make a little extra cash! There are a number of enjoyable and highly successful comic book themed slot machines out there to play with. So if you’ve got the money to spare for fun, and you fancy helping out a superhero against an old enemy, it’s time to hit the arcade or reputable online slot website such as which includes Batman themed slot Captain Shockwave and do battle once more! Let’s take at some of the leading options.

Iron Man seems a logical choice to start. As a hero both fascinated with and benefiting from the latest in technology, it’s no surprise he’s made the crossover into the adult gambling world. In fact, he’s been there for a while; the first Iron Man online slot title was launched back in 2009. It’s been refined a few times since then, but the principle is the same. The game is quite generous – each player has 25 potential winning combinations to find on each spin. It doesn’t have a building jackpot – which is quite a surprise for a modern slot game – but it has innovative ‘scatter’ features and some extra bonuses for finding all those Iron Man logos. Plus it has cool features like the Missile Attack, which are exactly the sort of thing Tony Stark would approve of.

If you like your heroes to be a little moodier than Tony Stark, we imagine you’re probably a Batman fan. And if you are, then there’s the perfect option out there for you. “The Dark Knight Rises” is actually based on the film of the same name, and the people behind the product have gone out of their way to make it feel authentic. You can choose to play as either Batman or Bane, and the game’s awesome soundtrack has been used as backing music while you’re playing, which is a nice touch. You also get rewarded with cut scenes from the movie when you unlock specific achievements. Oh, and then there’s the money – there are an incredible 243 potential winning combinations available to you on every single spin!

Sticking with the theme of online slots based on actual movies, fans of Captain America are in for a treat when they find out there’s a gambling tie in to “The First Avenger”. The stakes couldn’t be higher – in the context of the game, you’re literally playing against Adolf Hitler’s Weapons Chief. It’s a classic battle of good versus evil, with prizes on offer to the winner! There aren’t quite as many winning combinations here as the Batman title offers you, but there is a different route to a big payout; the game offers no less than four separate jackpots that can build and progress.

Thor is another recent movie star who can be found in both physical and online casinos, and he’s really brought the hammer to the world of gambling! There’s been major attention to detail paid with this title – especially in the online version – with both graphics and sounds that come straight from the film. There are a lot of neat tie-ins to the “Thor: Dark World” movie you can come across as you play – gamers and gamblers can find themselves transported to the Rainbow Bridge and Jotunheim, as well as doing battle right here on Earth. There aren’t as many chances to win as there are on other superhero titles, and the jackpots aren’t as high, but if you’re looking more for a fun gaming experience that you might be able to win a little money from, you could have a great time playing this game.

If you’re more of a comic book person than a movie person, and you prefer things just the way they are on the pages of the books, then you’ll probably prefer the latest Spiderman game, which has gone out of its way to keep that classic look and feel from the 1960s. The game has a neat twist on the whole slot machine idea, as you look to physically maneuver everybody’s favorite radioactive superhero between buildings to pick up bonuses and extra features. Enjoy the scenery as you swing around, and keep an eye out for the Green Goblin and Mary Jane whilst you’re on your way! This is another title that has fewer paying lines, but more progressive, building jackpots that reward longer-term play.

The Incredible Hulk always said not to make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he was angry! That’s not the case in the world of online casinos. If you get this version of the Hulk angry, you’ll like him very much, because that’s when he pays out the most! You get the gist of the story from the game’s loading screen – the world’s best known green monster is on the run from the army and the police, who want to capture him and use his powers for their own ends. We all know that’s never going to happen! Collect bonuses, power the Hulk up and trigger the Hulk Smash or Hulk Rage bonuses to really do some damage to your enemies. The more you break, the more you win! Like many of the Marvel titles, the game focuses more on progressive cash pot building than instant payouts, so it’s designed to hook you in for a longer game. If you’ve got the money and the time to invest, you could do a lot worse.

You didn’t think we were going to finish the article off without talking about Superman, did you? He’s the best known and most enduring hero of them all – of course he’s represented in the slot machine world! Based loosely on the “Man Of Steel” movie, the game sees Superman go one on one with General Zod, with the whole world at stake. The iconic musical Superman Theme is there in the background to make you feel like you’re really part of the comic book world, and the game has a really broad range of minimum and maximum stakes, meaning you can play at a level where you’re only risking the money you’re comfortable with if you wish, or roll deep if that’s the way you like to play it. If you’re going to save the world you might as well get paid for it, right?

In conclusion, there should be comic book connections here for any fan of both superheroes and gambling. We’re not here to talk you into becoming a gambler if that’s not your style, but if you are, and you’re also a comic book fan, then why not indulge both interests at the same time?

Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, there’s a title out there that suits you. Remember that the Marvel titles are built around progressive jackpots – they want you to stick around for long-term play and earn your money that way. They all have similar risk and reward structures. Titles from elsewhere vary wildly, and some of them have crazy numbers of winning lines. There are of course other comic book tie-ins out there – so this article shouldn’t be considered a definitive list – but we’ve covered the ones that we’ve played and liked, so we can vouch for their quality. As always, remember the two principles that all gambling is based upon:- always gamble responsibly, and always have fun!

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