Memorable WWE Hell in a Cell Matches


Wrestling entertainment has produced some of the most thrilling and fascinating moments in the world. We have noticed a lot of extreme moves from WWE superstars, from main events such as The Royal Rumble, Summer Slam and Extreme Rules. The said events have brought in some moments that the fans and even superstars won’t forget with a single slumber. Just like winning a real money pokies online jackpot.

However, to be more frank and fair one of the main events that the WWE universe will not afford to miss is the Hell in a Cell match. The events have brought in some memories which are still fresh in the minds of the fans and some superstars.

The Hell in Cell Matches are the ones that will not be forgotten so easily. We will do a recap on some of the matches you might have watched but you will not mind watching or reading about them over and over again.

Shawn Michaels Vs Undertaker (Badd Blood 1997)

The grudge between the two superstars was taken to the ring in a Hell in a Cell match in 1997. This match surely proved that there is absolute hell in the cell. A cage match where there is no way out until one of them is down to a point of no return. The match between the Show Stopper (Shawn Michaels) and The Undertaker turned into a bloody encounter. This was something which was never before witnessed in the world of Wrestling and Entertainment.

The two men hit each other with chairs, and also forcefully throwing each other to the cage steel. Shawn Michael defeated The Undertaker and he walked away victorious with his face covered in blood. Now we understand why there’s even WWE Legends video online slots game which was inspired by the WWE.

Triple H Vs Batista (Vengeance 2005)

On this night the City of Sin, Los Vegas raised the bar even higher when Triple H and Batista were pitted against each other. The former friends brutally wrestled each other in a match full of hate fighting and no mercy. After 26 minutes of rebellious fighting The Game (Triple H) finally give in to a Batista Bomb on the steel steps and we all know the end result of that kind of a Batista bomb right?