EXCLUSIVE: John Slattery Filmed Scenes For ‘AVENGERS 4’


Avengers 4 set photos have revealed that the film will, in some way, be sending our heroes to different points in time. We’ve been told some interesting things from people who claim to be well-informed about the production, but one of those people is an old and trusted source who passed along some great info to us about a prior film. Before you proceed, know that this info will be considered a spoiler to some and will definitely start the gears in your brain turning about just what the Avengers are up to in the film!

Our source has informed us that John Slattery, who played Tony’s father Howard in Iron Man 2Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War, was on set and filmed scenes with Robert Downey Jr. Unfortunately, our source was not privy to any details about the nature of those scenes, so that leaves us in the dark about some things but gives us plenty of ideas about others.

We know that the conflict between Steve and Tony in Civil War revolved around Steve withholding some knowledge or insight that Bucky killed Tony’s parents. Tony’s recent invention, B.A.R.F., allowed him to revisit the last time he spoke with his parents and it’s possible that it’s being used again. However, the fact that it’s Slattery that has been seen on set and not Dominic Cooper (at least not yet), who played a much younger Howard, might give us an idea of how far back in time Tony and the Avengers may be going.

B.A.R.F. has been spotted on the Avengers 4 set so it’s possible that Tony is using it to revisit some conversations he had with his father about the Tesseract. However, other set photos have shown some new gear on the Avengers and many have hinted at ACTUAL time travel, which makes us wonder what kind of wrongs Tony might try to right to save the world and his father. While it’s not a likely scenario, it’s occurred to us that if Tony is traveling through time, he could attempt to save his parents on the night of December 16, 1991.

While we are still not clear if the set photos we’ve seen involve actual time travel via the Quantum Realm’s “time vortex”, more binary augmented retro-framing or both,  but there’s undoubtedly some time shenanigans at play here. A few months back, Avengers 4 was described to me as “time travel heist” film. That was before rumors of rewrites and changes to the film came up, but given what we’ve seen from set photos, that certainly seems to fit. The idea of a “time travel heist” film also ties in with the other VERY interesting information that we are digging more into now.

While we can’t be sure that Slattery’s scenes will make the final cut, especially with the cast and crew ready to reconvene in Atlanta for extensive reshoots, it does seem like they Tony getting a chance to revisit his father’s genius OR revisit his father would be fairly significant to the film. What do you think will be happening in those scenes? Let us know in the comments.

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