THE NUN Director on Filming and YouTube Reactions


The Nun is the latest film in The Conjuring franchise.  It is a spin-off of The Conjuring 2, which introduced the demonic nun character.  The new film takes place in 1952 Romania, where a Catholic priest and a novice are investigating the mysterious suicide of a nun.  Director Corin Hardy talked about filming the movie and the outcome of the its YouTube ads.


“So, when I got the script, obviously, I was familiar with The Conjuring 2 and the fact that James [Wan] had introduced this character,” Hardy said about taking on the project.  “So, it was quite a unique situation, I think, to get to make a movie which wasn’t a sequel or remake. But that was of a character that exists in a movie and gives them their own story. So, it was exciting.”

“And then actually discovering the story was more of a– almost its own different genre to the other movies. It’s got more of an adventure.  More of a journey or mystery investigation aspect to it. Which I really loved. And there was, just for me, I look for movies which I can kind of lose myself in. Or the idea of just trying to transport you. And it was so nice to see this story taking place in 1952 in Romania. Sort of a very classic gothic horror story.”

“It harkens back to the movies I grew up watching the Hammer horror movies, Dracula, some Italian horror movies. And it just felt like an opportunity to really dive into a place. And when you read certain scenes and set pieces, my excitement bells start ringing. This concept of perpetual adoration, which I’d never heard of, which is almost like 24 / 7 praying to keep the evil at bay. So, I immediately was like, oh, this is going to be… in fact, in the script, originally it was sort of mentioned, but it wasn’t really seen. So, something which I felt like we really want to do something shown.”


The film got main stream news coverage when YouTube pulled The Nun’s six-second ads.  The website received numerous complaints about the teaser’s jump-scare.  The ads fooled viewers into turning up the volume right before the titular character appeared with a blood-curdling scream.  “It’s a really nice, unexpected part of the promotion of this movie. I mean, you can’t plan that sort of thing,” Hardy said of the coverage. “So, of course it was… At the same time, I didn’t want to upset anyone. And if people genuinely were having a bad time watching the trailer, I mean, then I wouldn’t want to offend them. So, maybe it should have been taken down. But, yeah, it’s a certain badge of honor.”

The Nun hits theaters September 7, 2018.