10 Horror Games You Can Play in VR


SOMA Live Action Web Series Debuts Alongside Game

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Hey there, fellow VR enthusiasts! Are you ready for yet another list of great games to play? That’s good, because, today, we have something very special for your – horror games. Yes, you read that right. In this article we are going to talk all about jump scares, yikes, jeepers creepers, and goose-bumps, all in full VR.

1.      The Vault (Oculus Go exclusive)

Let’s start our list with some of the things you guys appreciate in good horror games – space and undead. No, we aren’t talking about Dead Space, but something similar. The Vault is an atmospheric first-person perspective horror game that takes place in an abandoned Soviet research facility on Venus.

Yes, you read that right. After an accident occurs inside the facility, the Commissar sends you, a brave Russian cosmonaut, to investigate what happened and why the crew is incommunicado. Everything takes a turn for the worse when you discover that the accident somehow altered the crew’s behavior.

Designed exclusively for Oculus Go, The Vault borrows elements from popular games such as SOMA, System Shock, and Alien Isolation. To see if your Go device is game-ready, you might want to read this Oculus Go headset review for more info on controllers and supported resolutions.

2.      Doors of Silence

The unnerving titles say a lot about the game. Doors of Silence is probably one of the most ambitious atmospheric horror titles designed for Gear VR. There’s not much of background – you wake up in an abandoned asylum or hospital just on time to realize that you are not alone.

The game has some of the most authentic jumpscares we’ve seen in a long time and the trailer’s more than enough to prove that Doors of Silence is not for those that are faint of heart. For a great horror experience, you might want to play this game with headphones and at night. Good luck sleeping after that!

3.      Alien Isolation

Ellen Ripley’s story might be over, but it would seem that the same demon or rather a Xenomorph, continues to harass Amanda, her daughter. Set decades after the incidents portrayed in the Alien series, the game takes the player to Sevastopol, a Weyland-Yutani colony.

Things take a turn for the worse as Amanda discovers that the Nostromo, the ship where her mother had the first encounter with the xenomorph, has been located. Adrift, the ghost ship is retrieved by the Anesidora and brought back to the space station. After that, well, something truly unexpected happens.

Compared to other Alien titles, Alien Isolation places emphasis on stealth and hiding skills. Whereas in Alien versus Predator you could have disposed of a xenomorph by emptying an assault rifle’s clip, here things are a little more complex. Sure, you have weapons, but gunning down the xeno is next to impossible if you lack a certain kind of skills.

4.      Amnesia the Dark Descent with VR Fix

You can’t get more classic than Amnesia the Dark Descent. Most of you are probably wondering about the game’s VR version. Well, technically speaking, Oculus hasn’t released an official VR version of Amnesia. However, with the community being so hyped about relieving the story of Daniel, a VR fix is now available online. The patching job was so good that the game can now be played with Oculus Rift’s proprietary trackers.

Story-wise, Amnesia the Dark Descent is so tangled that one is unsure where everything began or where it will end for that matter. With a Lovecraftian twist, Amnesia tells the story of Daniel, a man who wiped his memory on purpose to escape from the horrors of the Shadow and his past.

5.      Wilson’s Heart

Because jumpscares aren’t the only things that make a horror game good, we give you Wilson’s Heart, psychological thriller that will surely keep you awake at night. In Wilson’s Heart, you take control of Robert Wilson, a patient who wakes up in an unknown hospital.

But something’s amiss – no staff in sight, strange sounds coming down the corridor, and….your heart going missing. You will need to navigate this strange maze, dodge scary enemies, overcome environmental hazards in order to find your heart and learn more about the strange device beating in your chest.

6.      Layers of Fear Solitude

Layers of Fear is what one might call a game-changer. Although it started out like any other Indie horror game, Layers of Fear quickly gained popularity. And who can deny that? The game has everything a horror fan will ever need – Victorian decors, faceless supernatural entities, and cleverly-designed and timed jump scares. Layers of Fear Solitude is fully compatible with Google’s DayDream headset.

7.      Until Dawn Rush of Blood

If we were to choose a single word to describe Until Dawn Rush of Blood, then that word will have to be “madness.” Find your way out of a haunted carnival by using six dual-wielded weapons. Mind you that it’s no easy task considering what you’re up against – demons, bloodthirsty undead clowns, and an Overmind that wants you dead at all costs. Until Dawn Rush of Blood is available for PlayStation 4 VR.

8.      Don’t Knock Twice

Produced and published by Wales Interactive, Don’t Knock Twice immerses the player in a world where monsters and magic are real. The game’s story revolves around the disappearance of a woman and her mother’s desperate attempts to track her down. To do that, the mother must overcome the horrors of an old manor which is said to be haunted by the spirit of an evil witch. Solve puzzles, find clues, and use weapons to fight your way to the layer where evil lies. The game’s compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

9.      We Were Here

Inspired by Myst and Amnesia, We Were Here is an episodic atmospheric puzzle-solving thriller which takes place inside an abandoned castle. Upon exploring a frozen wasteland, you and the members of your expedition stumble upon the mysterious building. You decide to take refuge from the blizzard. Inside, you get separated from the rest of the group. No one else answers your call except your best friend.

We Were Here is a co-op game, which means that the only means of escaping the castle is by working together with your friend to solve puzzles and escape. The game’s compatible with HTC Vive and requires the tracked motion controllers and a working PC microphone.

10. Dark Days

The last item on our list is another mobile VR title. Dark Days is a compelling detective horror game that will put your puzzle-solving skills to the grinder. As a private investigator, the player must uncover what has happened in an eerie motel which lies in the middle of the desert. The game touts some very clever puzzles and, of course, lots of jumpscares.


Well, this is the end of our list of top 10 horror games to play with your virtual reality headset. Hope you’ve enjoyed our selection. So, what are you waiting for? There are lots of puzzles to solve and monsters to kill.