EXCLUSIVE: New ‘STAR WARS: EPISODE IX’ Character Breakdown Reveals A New Female Character


We at That Hashtag Show were the first to bring you the news that Star Wars: Episode IX was on the hunt for 2 female leads before they begin filming later this summer. First, we revealed that they were on the lookout for a 40-50 year old female to play “MARA”, and speculated on whether or not we might be seeing Mara Jade make the jump to the big screen.  Next, we told you that they were on the lookout for an African-American actress, 18-26, to portray a character by the name of Caro. Now we have the scoop on another new character and some updates to our prior stories!

We have gotten word from our source that they are now on the hunt for an actress, 27-35,to play a supporting role in the  J. J. Abrams directed film. The studio is looking for “KARINA”, described as “a younger Charlize Theron with street smarts and a sharp wit.” The studio is open to any ethnicity, but is looking for someone with “a good sense of humor, solid comedic timing and a strong voice.

Additionally, the character “CARO” is now being referred to as “LUCY” and it seems it has shifted from a lead role to a supporting one. It’s also interesting that our source indicated that while the role of “MARA” was absent from a recent update he was given on the film, it seems that Lupita Nyong’o’s Maz Kanata may be making another appearance in Episode IX. It will be interesting to see if the Force-sensitive Kanata is there in another very minor cameo, as seen in The Last Jedi, or if she may hold they key to unlocking another mystery, perhaps the true parentage of Rey…Whatever the case, it seems as if the film may still be undergoing some changes even as the start of production closes in.

Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show as this story develops.

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