The best NJ Online Slots Games Based On Movies


There are numerous reasons why people play slots. For some, it’s the thrill of the game and the relative ease with which rules, tactics and tricks become second nature. For others, it’s the opportunity to play for huge payouts following a relatively small initial deposit, or the appearance of some pretty impressive pop culture references.


With a chunk of New Jersey online casinos visitors flocking to play slots games, it’s obvious that many of us are won over by these qualities, and so much more. Whatever your reason for choosing slots over any other online casino game, we’re betting that your excitement is piqued by the worlds of cinema, music and sport. Well, we tend to gravitate towards the familiar, after all.


Boasting the potential for authentic images, movie clips, music and crossover content, these cinematic slot games are among the most popular of all. Imaginative and fantastic fun to play, they tend to feature a plethora of unique characteristics that ultimately bring their themes to life.


So, what movie slots games should you look out for?


NJ Online Slot Games – King Kong


King Kong, as a character and concept, has been around for as long as many of us can remember. We’re fascinated by the beast’s mythology, whether we’ve seen the earlier movies or not. Could there be a more enticing theme for a slots game? Playtech’s colorful offering has video clips, plenty of recognizable characters and subtle nods to the whole franchise. It also boasts two game modes; Jungle Mode is set against a lush green backdrop, with wild jungle respins and a Skull Island bonus. City Mode, meanwhile, has a City Tower bonus and Wild Kong respins, as well as plenty of special features. Fans of the movies and regular slots players alike will embrace this take on the casino stalwart.


NJ Online Video Slot – Ghostbusters


Gamers of a certain age will embrace the Ghostbusters slots game. Released in 1984, Ghostbusters is one of the most treasured of the decade’s movies, and boasts a plethora of pop culture references, familiar characters and quotable lines. It stands to reason, then, that a slot game based upon the franchise would be similarly popular. Created by gaming giant IGT, the Ghostbusters slots game features 30 paylines, three bonus games and five progressive jackpots, as well as countless references to the movie. Even those unfamiliar with Ghostbusters will recognize the team, Slimer and Marshmallow Man, and acknowledge the significance of the marshmallow chunk wilds. This slots game is for all 80s babies.


NJ Online Slot Machine – Planet of the Apes


Another nostalgic franchise, this time of the 60s and 70s and then, later, the 2000s, Planet of the Apes managed to capture our imaginations with its supposed glimpse at an apocalyptic future. The slots game is equally captivating, played out across a split screen that celebrates two of the most recent movies in the Planet of the Apes series: Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. These two sets of five reels feature human and ape characters, extravagant artwork and bonus concepts, as well as 20 paylines and two free spin features. Hosted by Net Entertainment, it’s one for new players and seasoned slots gamers.


Online Slots – The Dark Knight Rises


Batman’s more recent incarnation has been somewhat darker than previous movie and television versions of the beloved hero, lending himself to an intense video slots experience. This slots game by software developers Microgaming plays across five reels and features two bonus features that delve a little further into the action. The interface is instantly recognizable and immediately engaging, with a host of allies and villains taking center stage for every spin. What’s more, you’ll have three ticking bombs or scatter symbols to find during the gameplay. It doesn’t get any more tense than that!


Top Gun


“Take my breath away…” Nobody who was around when Top Gun had just been released will ever be able to hear that song and not think about Maverick, Goose and the wide, open skies. Top Gun will always have a place in our hearts, which is why its Playtech-produced slots game always fares so well in lists such as this. Top Gun is a classic with bags of humor and an epic soundtrack, and it was always going to be incredibly popular as a slots game. This vibrant slots game has slick graphics, characters you’ll know and love, and plenty of bonus features. Dogfight wilds bring the action closer than you could imagine, while the Danger Zone free games and nods to the film give added authenticity.


This list is by no means exhaustive, and if we’ve neglected your preferred slots game or movie, we’d appreciate your input. Let us know what you love to play, and why. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to movies, and the slot games based on cinematic masterpieces are no exception. Boasting subtle nods for movie buffs, and full of characters, quotes and seamless theming, these kinds of slots are bound to remain popular with the casino crowd. We simply cannot get enough of our big screen favorites. Dion Lewis Authentic Jersey

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