Top 5 Coolest Mountable Creatures In The Star Wars Universe


1. TaunTaun. Probably the coolest mountable creatures we have seen in the Star Wars Universe, this species was a fur covered snow “lizard’, that was indigenous to the ice planet of Hoth and walked on their large hind legs. They were domesticated and used by the Rebel Alliance on Hoth to patrol the harsh land for signs of the Empire. Their claim to fame….one being sacrificed by Han Solo to save the life of the soon to be all-powerful Jedi, Luke Skywalker. We first meet them on the frozen planet in “Empire Strikes Back”, but also appear in the animated “Clone Wars” and the “Aftermath” novels written by Chuck Wendig.

So there you have it, a Top 5 list of some of the coolest creatures in the Star Wars EU that were tameable and used as mounts. Were their others you would add to this list? And as always….

May The Force Be With You!!