Top 5 Coolest Mountable Creatures In The Star Wars Universe


5. Brezak. These lizard creatures havew the ability to glide with the use of their skin flaps. Used mainly by Zyggerian slavers on the planet Zyggeria, as transportation and riding mounts to patrol for escaped slaves. They are carnivorous creatures with horned heads, and strong legs, which gave them the ability for remarkable speed. These creatures were most notably seen in several seasons of the animated series, The Clone Wars.

4. Varactyl. These were another species of reptilian creatures – herbivores native to the world of Utapau.  Typically blue and green with feather manes, they are incredibly loyal and obedient mounts. They have very strong, long legs, giving them the ability to effectively navigate uneven and steep terrains. These creature can also be seen in ‘The Clone Wars’ series, as well as ‘Revenge Of the Sith’, most notably when Master Kenobi can be seen atop the varactyl, Boga.

3. Banthas. A species of large, hairy creatures with spiral horns, that mainly inhabited the planet of Tattooine, but were bred on other planets throughout the galaxy. These creature were social herd animals, that were domesticated and mostly used by Tusken Raiders as mounts and companions. We first come across these creatures in “A New Hope”, mounted by Tusken Raiders that eventually attacked Luke Skywalker, but also can be seen in the likes of “The Phantom Menace” and the animated “Clone Wars”.

2. Dewbacks. A larger of the reptilian species’, these creatures were native to the Planet of Tatooine, and were used mainly as beasts of burden, but were also used as mounts by Imperial Sand Troopers. These lizard like behemoths make their first appearance in “A New Hope” as well, but can also be seen in other places like “The Phantom Menace”, “Star Wars: Rebels”, and the video game “Star Wars: Battlefront II”.

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