The eSports industry is still in its formative years, but nobody can deny that these games have taken over the betting industry with a storm. There are very many sites offering you a chance to place wagers on eSports tournaments, and if you know your game, you can reap huge profits from bets.

However, just as with any other industry, not every betting site is genuine and some are likely to toy with you. That is where comes in by offering you an extensive list of companies that you can trust with your money. The eSports betting sites featured will provide you with a variety of options and with the right groundwork; you will be walking home with some big wins over time.


The basics

Electronic sports, commonly referred to as eSports, is a fast-rising game and people who do not know it at present will soon hear of it. It is a console or computer game in which players compete for the top prize. At present, players can either compete online or through a local area network. The thing that differentiates these games from other PC games is the structure and organization. Organizers have an elaborate tournament structure with knock-out stages, and the games attract many sponsorship companies. So great is this sport that gamers are now earning a living from it and betting companies are now incorporating the game in their sites.


History of the sport

Those who knew of the game back when it started relate its origin to friendly matches that would carry on through the night. People would meet up and compete amongst each other back then. Little did they know that one day this game would be so famous that companies would invest in its growth. We now have leagues and tournaments in the eSports industry, and its value continues to grow by the day.

Currently, the eSports industry has a worth of about nine hundred million dollars, a figure expected to rocket in the coming years. Players have also noticed the increase in the prize money, and more people are gaining interest in the sport. As we all know, where there is a promise of cash bettors will find their way to it.

The increase in the value of the eSports industry, as well as the vast amounts of money in play, has led to a vibrant betting environment on the games. Betting companies cannot wait to get in on the action and neither can bettors. As such, eSports betting and gambling are gaining followers by the day as more money keeps pouring in from different sources such as viewers and sponsors.

Skin Betting

Betting on eSports is relatively new with some of the earliest bets having gotten placed in 2013. It all started with the game Counter Strike-Global Offensive where a new version allowed players to change the appearance of their weapons. It seemed like a trivial thing, but when the game came into the market, it became apparent that there was more to the skins as people sought ways to benefit from the change. You see, players had an option to either earn their weapon skins on the game or purchase them using money in the real world. Also, players could also sell their weapon skins on the open market. Skins valued to be more useful fetched high prices, and soon, there was an active marketplace where players could trade in their weapon skins.

These sales eventually led to the development of gambling sites where players could place wagers using their skins in the hope of better ones. Once a player got a valuable skin, they could then sell it to another person in the real world for actual cash.

This practice attracted a lot of criticism from people who felt that this kind of gambling was unlicensed. Even underage players had access to the betting sites and were involved in the trades. As such, Valve Corporation which developed Counter Strike-Global Offensive, as well as the owners of the betting sites, faced a lawsuit on the same in 2016.


The after-effect

The lawsuit did not stop the companies, even after Valve issued a cease-and-desist to all companies mentioned in the suit. In fact, the betting became more rampant with more people gaining interest and money flowed in from different corners. The increase in the money at stake created more opportunities for people to bet and the prize money kept increasing.

At present, many gamblers are getting the hang of the sport and are putting in handsome amounts of money in the game. Betting companies are also trying to get in on the action, and in time, the eSports betting industry will be unstoppable.

The Call of Duty prize money for the year 2018 will be a whopping one point five million bucks, an amount indicative of how lucrative the sport is. Even you can get in on the game and be part of the revolution. Remember to take caution as you do so and conduct research on the betting companies beforehand. Brian Leetch Jersey

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