5 Films Antoine Fuqua Could Helm for Marvel Studios


With Antoine Fuqua, one of Hollywood’s finest action directors, set to meet with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige soon, we couldn’t help but get excited. While Marvel Studios has dozens of projects at different stages of development and thousands of characters at their disposal, we came up with a handful we’d love to see Fuqua helm.

Nick Fury

We know Marvel Studios is looking to tell some stories set in other places and other times, we know they’re not opposed to telling a flashback origin story about an existing character (Black Widow) and we know they’re already de-aging Samuel L. Jackson for Captain Marvel so it’s not entirely crazy to think about a Nick Fury film. If they were looking to do something like that, Fuqua and Jackson would be a great match.

Captain Marvel is said to find Fury in a post-Cold War world where the super spy isn’t sure where he stands. A Nick Fury solo film would have plenty of room to delve into the Cold War stories that made Fury the legend he will become. Of course there’s a chance we’ll see Jackson return as Fury in the Black Widow prequel as well and Jackson isn’t getting any younger, but seeing a young Fury earn his reputation would be fantastic and Fuqua’s experience with military conspiracy in Shooter would make for an interesting match.


If Fuqua was interested in working on Morbius, maybe he’d be interested in working on bringing Blade into the MCU. Many fans, myself included, love the Wesley Snipes Blade films but Marvel has the Daywalker back in their fold and must have something in development somewhere.

Perhaps Fuqua could be the missing piece to establishing a horror corner in the MCU and bring Blade into the existing continuity. While I loved the original films and they introduced several of Blade’s supporting characters, a Marvel Studios Blade film could establish his origins in the UK and (with the help of some incoming characters owned by Fox) open the door to the Nightstalkers and even MI: 13.


Monica Rambeau is coming to the MCU soon enough, but we’ve theorized that when we first see her, it’ll be as a young girl in the 1990s, which means that should Marvel Studios choose to do so, she could get her own solo film post-Avengers 4. For those unfamiliar with the character, Rambeau was a bad ass New Orleans cop whose work led her into an accident that gave her incredible powers. At different points in time she went by Captain Marvel, Photon and now, Spectrum, and led the Avengers for a time.

Rambeau’s origin story is ripe with potential for Fuqua to redesign. One of the thing Fuqua has done best is to analyze what humans will do when the odds are stacked against them and their backs are against the wall. A reinvention of Rambeau’s transformation from cop to superhero could go that route and deliver one of Marvel’s most powerful characters to a group of fans that won’t know what hit them.


While any of the above films would be enough for me, these last two are where my heart is. Though Fuqua’s films such as Shooter and The Equalizer dive deep into what one man can do to change the world, The Magnificent Seven took a look at how team work (and sacrifice) make the dream work.

A Marvel Studios Thunderbolts film is already half way there. General Ross is the Secretary of State for the U.S. Government and has a great deal sway internationally thanks to the Sokovia Accords. Through the Accords, Ross sought to put the Avengers under his control, aiming them where he wanted them, when he wanted them. At this point Helmut Zemo is under Ross’s control, Ava Starr, aka Ghost, is free and the Pym/Cross Tech particles that were stolen in the climax of Ant-Man are still on the loose. A Thunderbolts film is an ex-Special Forces merc named Erik Josten and an Abner Jenkins away from giving Ross the control he so desperately wants and Fuqua would have  field day with that team.

Blue Marvel

A Blue Marvel film has been a dream project of mine for some time. While this one, which hits you in the face with some intense sci-fi vibes, might not seem like it’s in Fuqua’s wheelhouse, it’s the societal underpinnings of Dr. Adam Brashear’s journey that I’d love to see Fuqua tackle. Brashear was back in the spotlight recently while heading up an intergalactic team of problem solvers known as The Ultimates, so it might be time for him to hit the big screen!

Of course there’s another reason I think this one is right for Fuqua: it would allow him and his frequent collaborative partner, Denzel Washington, both their respective shots at the superhero genre. Given Marvel Stuios’ work with de-aging technology, Denzel could easily lead this film and elevate the genre to an entirely different level. Through Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Black Widow, Marvel Studios has begun the process of representing the world as it is. This film would be a bold step for the studio, but one that could pay huge dividends.

What do you think of these possibilities? What would you like to see Fuqua take on, should he sign up with Marvel Studios? Let us know in the comments below!