Three Reasons Chewbacca is the Most Influential Character in STAR WARS



Like them or hate them, the fury little helpers from Endor were critical in the Rebels’ mission to infiltrate the shield generator and bring the shield down, thus allowing Lando and Wedge to destroy the Death Star. If Chewie wasn’t thinking with his stomach, he never takes the bait that connects our heroes with the ewoks, Leia, and the back door to the bunker.

Thus, Chewbacca is the linchpin to several key events necessary to effectuate the Empire’s eventual downfall. Without him, Star Wars is a very different story. Who knows, maybe Rey will become an even more influential character in Episode IX. For the time being though, we don’t get where we are in the saga without Chewie. Who knew a Sasquatch from outer space could be so important?

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