REVIEW: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Is The Greatest DC Team Movie Of All Time.


What am I talking about this time: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Directed by Aaron Horvath & Peter Rida Michail

Written by Michael Jelenic & Aaron Horvath

Starring: Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch, Will Arnett, Kristen Bell, Michael Bolton, Nicolas Cage, John DiMaggio, Jimmy Kimmel, Halsey, Tom Kenny, Patton Oswalt, Wil Wheaton, aaaaaand Stan Lee (Yeah, THAT Stan LEE)


Run Time: 1hour and 24 minutes

Feels Like: An hour, tops


Overall Review: 4.5 out of 5 Waffles

Is It Worth $9.16 (Av.Ticket Price of 2018)? Absolutely!!!


Spoiler Free Review:

Ok, I admit… being the best DC Team movie isn’t saying much, but the Teen Titans Go! Movie is simply great! This flick is fun, funny, and fantastic. It’s so good that I had to use alliteration! Other than Wonder Woman, It’s hard to point to any DC film past 2012 and say “Watch this, you won’t be disappointed”.  Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is that film. It’s everything that makes Teen Titans Go! Amazing and more so; the comedy is all there, the crazy songs are in it too, the 4th wall breaks all over the place, their self referential style is in full swing, and the Easter Eggs are almost literally in every frame of this thing. It’s mind-bending how much love and attention is put into this film. And on top of that, it’s a solid movie in terms of story and character arcs. It’s all there and so much more.

If I had to nit-pick one thing that fell a little flat is the fight sequences: There are three major battles in the film, set to one of the greatest hip-hop hero songs of all time. Again, I know that’s not saying much, but it is great! Sadly, each battle feels light and not as well choreographed as every other aspect fo the film, especially compared to the dances- you see a lot of shooting, but not a lot of the blasts hitting anything and that feels weirdly unsatisfying especially when you think how easily that could have played into the beat of the song. Again, though- that is a 0.5 waffle deduction, nothing to lose sleep over as this movie is perfect in almost every other way.

You know how on weekends when you visit family that haven’t cut the cord yet and you have to watch their cable?  You page through hundreds of channels with nothing to offer till you hit a Cartoon Network Teen Titans Go! marathon, like a gift from the geek gods. You settle in for a quick nerd fix, then blink and it’s three hours later and you are ready to go another three? NO?!  Well, just go with me on this. This film is exactly like that, but in a dark cool theatre where their normal sense of humor and budget is turned up to 11.


Spoilery Review:

There isn’t much to spoil here other than jokes and I really don’t want to do that. Robin wants his own movie so the Teen Titans go to Hollywood where every superhero (but them) is getting a movie to make his dream come true. The head of the studio turns out to be Slade in disguise. He breaks up the team, they get back together and Slade hypnotizes all the heroes into fighting the Teen Titans.

Of course the Teen titans win, but the plot of this movie is a simple frame work for a series of amazing sequences. There is a full on Back To The Future Sequence where the Teen Titans go back in time and save/kill all the great Dc heroes, Stan Lee makes a few appearances and has more to say than all the Marvel movies combined, the Beastie Boys-esk battle song they sing is unfathomably good, and Nick Cage is Superman for the love of Pete (Ross)!!!!

That’s it. Just see this movie!! Just go and see this rare gem of a DC movie!


 Mark Clayton Jersey

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