‘Equalizer’ Writer To Pen ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Solo Movie For Sony


The shelving of the once-in-development Silver & Black isn’t stopping Sony from producing more Spidey-less Spider-Man spin-offs. Hot off the heels of the well-received trailer for Venom, Collider is now reporting that Richard Wenk, most known for his work on the Equalizer films, has been attached to pen a Kraven the Hunter solo film.

This is easily another baffling addition to Sony’s untested and unproven idea of a cinematic universe. I mean, who is he even going to hunt? Venom? The Venom trailer may have garnered better reception this time around but its far from the slam dunk success the studio is hoping it to be. We all saw how The Mummy failed to launch Universal’s Dark Universe. Could the Sony Spidey Universe suffer the same fate? Them developing a Kraven movie also brings up the question of whether it’ll affect the character’s standing for his eventual MCU appearance down the road. Is Kevin Feige cool with them doing whatever the hell they want to a character that could potentially be a very successful villain in the MCU? Whatever the case may be, all eyes will be on Venom as we get closer to that October release. The fate of films like Kraven the Hunter rests on Venom’s shoulders.

Source: Collider  Jarred Tinordi Authentic Jersey

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