‘Runaways’ Season 2 To Premiere in the Winter Season


The first season of the Runaways was a breakout hit for a streaming service that was dipping its toes in the superhero genre for the first time. So much so that they quickly renewed it for a 13-episode second season before the finale even premiered. TVLine’s Matt Mitovich, who is currently on the set of the Season 2 production, took to Twitter to reveal that the sophomore season has been given a winter release date.

It’s not clear whether a 2018 or 2019 winter date is slated at the moment. Season 1 premiered in the fall of last year with a 10-episode count. The production for Season 2 recently began as the main cast took to their social media accounts to share their experiences on set. It was recently reported that the first episode of the show would be making its way to Freeform, making it the first superhero show on a streaming service to make its cable network debut.

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