REVIEW: Tom King Hits A Lull In Batman #52


What am I talking about this time: Batman 52 “Cold Days- Part 2”

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Lee Weeks

Cover by: Lee Weeks

Variant cover by: Olivier Coipel

Overall Review: 2.5  out of 5 Mr. Freezes

Is it worth $3.99? Not really.

Spoiler Free Review: Lee Weeks’s art is the highlight of this book. Every frame works, exploding with anger, sadness, and intensity. After that this book is a tough sell, about 2/3rd the way through the book turns around and begins to florish, but it’s almost too late by that point.

I have been championing Tom King a lot lately, so maybe I’m being a little harsh here, but this book has three items that should be a home run.

  • A Good Mystery- Who killed the 3 girls? Check!
  • A unique take on a character- Batman, post wedding, hurt & angry. Check!
  • Something to make you think- Bruce Wayne analyzing his actions as Batman and finding them flawed.

Just one of these can make for a compelling book… so why doesn’t this story work?

I think, for the first time in a loooooong run. It’s just not well told.

I’m sorry Tom King, I guess they can’t all be home runs. Maybe I jinxed you last week by stomping around my friend’s office demanding that he re-read your run because of how awesome it is? And I was stomping!

Maybe it’s my fault.


Spoilery Review:

Bruce Wayne spends the book trying to convince his fellow Jury members to acquit Mr.Freeze. Mr. Freeze claims that an unknown associate warned him Batman was coming and so that’s why he was in violation of his parole in his gear. Then Batman kicked the snot out of him harder than ever till he confessed. Bruce Wayne also thinks the bodies were tampered with AFTER the police got them, but before Batman got there. It’s all pretty boring.

There are some then a off-panel conversation between Bruce and a mother takes place about her son having a gun in Gotham and the whole thing turns around. Bruce Wayne says, “This is Gotham, keep the gun.”

And with the Tom King finds his feet and delivers a true moment of Bruce Wayne and the city he lives in. What than follows is than Bruce Wayne defining why Batman isn’t the hero people should look towards and why- a (unknown to his fellow jurors) self-dissection that works on many levels, the best of them being how he is handling the fallout from his wedding. Again, I just wish it had come sooner. Brian Westbrook Jersey

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