REVIEW: Mister Miracle #10 Is Inescapable


What am I talking about this time: Mister Miracle #10

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Mitch Gerads

Cover by: Nick Derington

Variant cover by: Mitch Gerads

Overall Review: 5 out of 5 mother boxes

Is it worth $3.99? Yes, yes, aaaaaaaand yes!

Spoiler Free Review:

Mister Miracle knows how to play those moments that feel so real and relatable you can’t help but love the comic. Story-wise, this issue circles the drain until the last page, but the ride is so deeply rewarding and fun, it’s hard not to connect with every page. As always, Mitch Gerards’s art is emotional, expressive, and fun- allowing the mundane to be fantastic and the fantastic to play as ordinary. The everyday moments of fatherhood mix’d with the heavy burden laid on Barda and Scott a palpable and the strain in their relationship bleeds through every panel. Even without the final page pushing the plot forward, this comic is a rewarding read in every way.


Spoilery Review:

The comic starts exactly where we left off; Darkseid has promised to end the war if Scott and Barda give up their son to him. A deal similar to one struck ages ago between Highfather and Darkseid when Scott and Orion were exchanged. This means Scott and Barda’s son would be raised on Apokalypse. A nightmare childhood both parents shared. Scott’s attempts to think this through always land on “The needs of the many out way the needs of the few” philosophy and he is trying to talk to Barda about ending the war and taking Darkseid’s deal. Barda doesn’t even want to talk about it, hiding behind her mother box like a iPhone. As the day of decision draws closer, their son’s first birthday. The planning of his party becomes infected with the weight of this decision, almost crushing Scott and putting stress on their marriage to the point of painful fights- both to the characters and to the reader. Just before the birthday Scott makes a decision and tells Barda. He will turn over the boy to Darkseid… but before Darkseid can take the child, Scott will try to kill the evil god… and Barda will help him. Big Barda puts down the Mother Box and they make love.

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