REVIEW: Adventures Of The Super Sons #1 Proves Robin and Superboy Are Better Together


What am I talking about this time: Adventures Of The Super Sons #1

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi

Art by: Art Thibert, Carlo Barberi

Cover by: Dan Mora

Variant cover by: Jorge Jimenez


Overall Review: 4 out of 5 Gold Krytonites

Is it worth $3.99? yep yep


Spoiler Free Review:

In the newest Teen Titans, Robin is an unlikable asshole…well, he’s always been that, but I mean to the reader. Over in Superman, Jon is not even on Earth. Both comics have suffered due to the “dark and gritty” new arcs that don’t seem to be going anywhere new or interesting. And then this book pops up, seemingly aimed toward a younger audience, but is more fun, energetic, and adult focused than either of those titles combined. These characters play off each other, keeping true to their characters and nature and yet allow a fresh take that is a joy to read in each moment! The comic might be silly in tone, but the stakes feel high and the tension is there when it needs to be, humor and a realistic grounding make this book special. The art is frantic and expressive, and never misses a chance to impress with facial expressions or action.


Spoilery Review:

Robin and Superboy, well, mostly Robin are attempting to battle a living Superman statue- the famous one from Funeral For A Friend. The statue is kicking Robin’s Ass while Superboy stands by because Robin’s ego won’t let him help.

Finally Superboy steps in giving Robin the time to find the man controlling the Statue and after defeating him, Robin gleefully lets the statue fight on a bit longer with Superboy. Another case solved, the boys head back to school in time to graduate into summer break where they can repair their undersea headquarters. An alarm goes off and they travel to the city to find a hairy monster attacking some cars. The boy leap into battle, finding themselves outmatched pretty quickly when Robin is wrapped up like a mummy with a single shot from “Kid Deadshot”, leading to the reveal of “Shaggy Boy”, “Ice Princess”, “Brainiac 6”, “Joker Jr”, and “Rex Luthor”- AKA “The Gang”. It’s at this point the book takes a turn from it’s comedic dialogue and fun, to an aggressive Lord Of The Flies tone. Rex Luthor reveals a chunk of gold Kryptonite, robbing Superboy of his powers and while Shaggy Boy holds Superboy by the head, Rex puts on an vicious looking, oversized gauntlet and proceeds to beat him senseless while Robin helplessly watches.

Pretty bad-ass, right?!

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