Power Morphicon 2018 Guest Announcements That Hit You Like The Z-Wave!



I can’t believe it rangers 18 days away and we are STILL getting more guests! Check it out below


From Spd The Blue Ranger then Red Ranger THEN Earth Commander: Sky Tate actor Chris Violette

Staying True and Blue followed with the First Neo-Saban Blue Ranger Kevin Najee De-Tiege


Finally a true strike of Blue Lightning from Saban’s Power Rangers 2017 Rj Cyler

only on SUNDAY


We aren’t just looking at the world through a beautiful shade of blue also joining at POWERMORPHICON


The Universes Fearsome Father-in-law Tom Wyner – Master Vile


The Director of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie David Winning


From Boom Studios Artists Matt Frank & Goni Montes


Toku Artist Hiroshi Kanatani

The Prop Master and reason (besides JDF) actors cant take momentos: Mark Richardson

From the hugely popular MMPRTOYS and DivideAsOne YouTube channels Bruno and Mia

No info if the elusive Jerry will be in attendance


To finish up on a lighter note


One of the nerdiest comic relief characters Percy from VR TROOPERS Aaron Pruner

To finish it off the newest iteration of Bulk and Skull its Victor and Monty from Power Rangers Ninja/Super Steel Chris Reid and Caleb Bendit


Stay tuned Ranger Nation for all the news coming out of PMC2018 right here at ThatHashtagShow


images courtesy of PowerMoprhicon


http://www.thathashtagshow.com/2018/07/an-exclusive-image-for-the-25th-anniversary-episode-of-power-rangers-has-been-revealed/ Slater Koekkoek Womens Jersey

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