Off To See A Man About A Spring In Seven To Eternity #10


Garlis and Adam Osidis move closer to the Springs of Zhal to find Osidis’cure and dealing with Adam’s father finding out about the deal in Seven To Eternity #10.

At the end of the previous issue Osidis and Garlis fought the white lady and were forced to use Zeb Osidis’ nail.  Zeb told Adam to never ever listen to Garlis’ deal. However, Adam did and Garlis gave him a way to cure himself. As Zeb faded away it was obvious he was very disappointed in his son.

Adam just wanted to have the opportunity to spend more time with his family and not die young from his illness.  This was a difficult choice and Adam feels very conflicted by his choice. He wants to spend more time with his family, but he also feels he left behind the only people who love him to serve the Mud King Garlis.

As Adam and Garlis are making their way to the spring they are attacked by what appears to be other Mosaks.  After the battle Garlis is taken and Adam must rescue him.

This comic has been on hiatus for a while now so I was pretty excited to see it come back.  However, the same problems I have been having with this series return.

The pace is just so slow now and I really am starting to get frustrated.  There is so much cool stuff about this comic and it has so much potential.  However, nothing is happening. Osidis uses another nail in this issue and it means nothing.  I wanted a big fight with Garlis and Osidis working together and barely surviving. We don’t get that and the fight is over very quickly.

All the fighting in this issue is very boring and lackluster because it happens and is over so fast.  There is really no character development or anything to draw me into the story in this issue.

One of the only reasons I am still reading this comic is the art by Jerome Opena.  His art is just so beautiful and he does a great job of showing Osidis internal conflict over his deal with Garlis.

The other reason I am still reading this is the potential.  This could become an amazing must read comic if they just make stuff happen.  Everything but the fight scenes move so slow it is painful to read this issue.  The fight scenes are the only thing I want slowed down and drawn out, but they are the fastest thing in the issue.  I need more drawn out fights and less drawn out story.

Story in this issue is boring and slow, but art is amazing as always.  Here’s hoping the next issue picks up the pace and important things start happening.






Written by: Rick Remender

Art by: Jerome Opena and Matt Hollingsworth

Cover by: Jerome Opena and Matt Hollingsworth

Release: 8/01/18

Issue: 10

Publisher: Image Comics

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