James Gunn May Be Rehired as GOTG Vol. 3 Director, Disney Insiders Say


If you’ve been one of the hundreds of thousands of people supporting Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, then we’ve got some good news for you. According to Variety, some Disney insiders now believe that there is a chance for Gunn to be reinstated as director of the third Guardians film, a job he’s been groomed to do in the first place. But THS’s very own Skyler Shuler says that there’s more to it.

Disney’s willingness to sit down with Gunn amidst the controversy is a big move for the company. You’d think that a company as massive as Disney would be iron-clad in their in decisions such as Gunn’s firing. At the least, it means that there will be proper discourse to be had and Gunn will be afforded due-process for his past mistakes. Whatever the outcome may be and whether he returns in the director’s seat or not, we hope that they work out a way to keep Gunn involved with Vol. 3 and future of the cosmic side of the MCU, as originally planned.

Source: Variety  Jarius Wright Authentic Jersey

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