Happy Be-Lated Birthday HARRY POTTER!


Happy Birthday Harry!  Well, belated birthday anyway.  I would have written this sooner, but I got super busy.  I would have had more time, but Hermione stole my time-turner again.  Could you please tell her to give it back next time you see her?  For some reason she has blocked my owls.  I swear, whatever she told you about the whomping willow is not true! I wasn’t THAT late!  But as the great wizard says, “Wizards are never late! Nor are they early.  They arrive precisely when they mean too.”

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Didn’t little Albus start school a couple years ago?  I can’t believe how much Hogwarts has changed since our days in school.  Then again having it nearly leveled will do that wont it?  Neither of us had seen true magic before coming to Hogwarts.  We weren’t prepared for how rich everything was.  It was more than we could have dreamed.  Sure there were books and such, but nothing like what it truly was.  I’m glad Madam Hooch wasn’t green, or I would have left screaming!

I do miss Hagrid.  He showed us so much about magical creatures.  I never told you this, but I was so jealous when you got to ride Buckbeak.  I wanted to be next, but of course stupid Malfoy had to ruin the day.  Oh the dragons!  I cant believe we got such a close look at them.  I don’t know how you ever outsmarted that horntail fourth year in the Triwizard Tournament.  Boy, that was something!  I have even heard rumors Fawkes can be seen around the castle every year around the time of….well you know.

I had a chance to meet some of the new professors. Adequate crew, but I miss our lot. I didn’t have the chance to meet the new Headmaster in person, but he seemed pretty flat after Dumbledore. It was always so frustrating the way he talked ahead of us. I always felt like it took me weeks to catch up to whatever he was talking about. We always knew he had our backs though.

Thanks for telling me that story about Snape too. I thought I’d always hate him, but it kinda gave me a soft spot for the scrooge. Don’t miss him rapping my knuckles though!

Do you keep up with anyone from school? Ran into Neville couple days ago. He has really come a long ways. I was sorry he and Luna didn’t work out. I had a bet they were a sure thing. Tell Ginny good luck in the Quidditch tournament next week. She sure is fun to watch!

I just cant imagine all that changed because of our years at Hogwarts. Do you ever think of what our lives would be like had we not gone? I’d probably be sitting at a desk typing some frivolous junk. Ah well, as it is I’m researching the events surrounding Gellert Grindelwald for a history book I’m writing.  Fascinating stuff!

Anyways, Happy 38th birthday, Harry!






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