Weekend Box Office: Mission Not Impossible for MI:6


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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to win the weekend box office.  For Cruise and company that was a mission that was all too easy.  MI6 came in place with an impressive $61.5 million.  This smashes all of the previous Mission Impossible movies as the highest grossing of the franchise.  Only War of the Worlds had a higher opening for Tom Cruise.  Normally movie 6 in a franchise is just dragging out the series as it limps along.  Not the case here.  MI6 is only accelerating the franchise and some are saying the franchise is now passing the Bond movies in todays theater world.

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Coming in second, which shouldn’t be too surprising is Mamma Mia!  Here We Go Again.  In a far distant second with $15 million, Mamma Mia dropped 57% to land in the number two hole.  MI6 was going to steal a lot of the Equalizer 2’s audience.  Mamma Mia is about the only film out right now that favors the female audience.  It is a sizable drop, but it is still outpacing its predecessor by quite a bit.

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Dropping a painful 61% in its second week , the Equalizer 2 comes in third place with $14 million.  Given its audience will be the same audience that went to Mission Impossible, the drop really is not that surprising though.  Right now this sequel is running neck and neck with the first equalizer film.  Not what a studio hopes for in a sequel, so this may be the last of these films.

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Coming in at fourth place in its third week of release is Hotel Transylvania 3 at $12.3 Million.  HT3 opened between its predecessors, but it will struggle to match them in overall box office with the number of competitors its facing.  It didn’t help it had direct competition opening this week, but it still managed to beat even that.  Next week this will take a huge hit.

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Limping into fifth place in its first weekend with a disappointing $10.5 million is Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.  It was aiming too high.  The trash heap would have been better for this film.  It too will take a massive hit next week.


Mamma Mia and the kids movies will be in for some trouble next weekend.  Coming out we have the adorable looking film, Christopher Robin, starring Ewan McGregor and Haley Atwell.  While it has a similar feel to say Hook, there is no part of this movie that doesn’t look absolutely adorable.

Also we have The Spy who Dumped Me starring Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon.  A comical version of MI6 about two ladies that get tangled up in an international conspiracy when Mila gets dumped by a spy.

Finally we have The Darkest Minds.  A Stranger Things meets Logan where kids have powers, are feared by adults and hunted down and captured.  It also feels a lot like the tv show  The Gifted.

I think all three of these will make the top 5, but can Pooh and company knock off Hunt and Co. or does MI6 hold on for a second week?

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