REVIEW: DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special #1 Is A Great Comic, But Not $10 Great


What am I talking about this time: DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special #1

Art by: Gabriel Hardman, Otto Schmidt, David Williams, Carlos D’Anda, Various   Cover by: Amanda Conner

Written by: Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Lee Bermejo, Paul Dini, Various, Shea Fontana, Tim Seeley

Overall Review: 5 out of 5 Dollar Signs

Is it worth $9.99? Yeesh, that is a steep price. It’s a fantastic comic… but $10 is a lot of money and the math doesn’t even work out. This comic is 80pages, that’s 12cents a page. Aquaman #38 and Decetive Comics #985 also came out this week at $3.99 and $2.99 respective, that means Aquaman comes in at roughly 11cents a page and Ol’ Bats comes in at about 10cents a page. Am I nitpicking pennies here? Maybes, but it’s 80 pages so that adds (multiplies) up!!!! So, I’m gonna have to be on Team No. On the other hand, it’s 10 great stories… so that’s a buck a story if you want to look at it that way.  I don’t.

Look, it’s a great comic, but not a $10 comic, ya know?!

I mean $10!! What am I, made of money?!!!???!!!


Spoiler Free Review: DC has been killing it lately with these specials. Not every story is a hit, but the majority are just sublime, and the art is exquisite. I didn’t really dig on the cover, especially after reading the comic, it does nothing to convey the amazing-ness inside, it is also rather standard fare. Inside however, each stand-alone tale has something to say about each villain, a solid take on the characters. The writers use a (usually vaguely) summer theme to underline the story, but in almost every-case that is incidental.  All your favorite villains are here (and then some) in 10 sunny tales that made me smile, chuckle, and think. Everything a great comic does… too bad it’s ten F$%#ing dollars, man!


Semi-Mostly-Spoilery Reviews:

“Worst Finest” by Lee Bermejo, Francesco Mattina, and Tom Napolitano

The Joker fights Bizarro. That’s really it. It’s a fun romp, but the art steals the show in this one. It’s Magnificent. Truly. Almost worth $10 right there.

“Help” by Jeff Loveness, David Williams, Steve Buccellato, and Carlos M. Mangual

Lex Luthor get a flat tire and a guy with a Superman Tattoo helps him out. Also, Superman eats a breakfast burrito. It’s a simple tale with great art, that truly stands on its own, defining not only why Superman is a great character, but why Lex Luthor would realistically despise such a person. However, for me, this story hits two very deep and personal notes; The guy’s Superman Tattoo is close to the one I have and Breakfast Burritos. So, right there- almost worth $10.

“Close Shave” by Paul Dini, John Paul Leon, and Deron Bennett

Mr. Freeze encounters an ice cream truck created in his image… also, giant robots! The art is just wonderful, underlining the story and characters beautifully. The story is well written, which isn’t much of a surprise coming from Paul Dini. It reaches a little bit, but still works and is a lot of fun. Also, let’s be honest, it’s a Paul Dini story about Mr.Freeze and a giant robot, apparently set in the Batman: The Animated Series universe. That’s almost worth $10, right there.

“False Idols” by Vita Ayala, Amancay Nahuelpan, June Chung, Clayton Cowles

This chapter works right up until the end. Essentially, a woman with a very similar background to Cheetah’s finds her in the jungle begs her to give her similar powers. Her store is real and you do empathies with her. Cheetah turns her away, saving her from a cursed life, but I, like the girl, was angered by Cheetah’s decision. It’s a good take, but then Wonder Woman leaps in a beats the snot out of Cheetah as some sort of a tag. It’s a good fight, but felt unnecessary after the emotional hit preceding it. Maybe they just needed a few extra pages right there to make this comic worth almost $10.


“Icy Embrace” by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko

I started this one thinking it was the weakest of the bunch and end it with a fist pump. A archeology group is working with Black Manta on a dig… but their agendas aren’t as similar as they think. More of a morality story about making a deal with a Super-villian- it’s not gonna turn out well for you. Right there, is a lesson worth almost $10.

“Giganta Strong” by Michael Moreci, Max Raynor, Paul Mounts, and Dave Sharpe

Kind of a wish fulfillment that everyone of us who ate lunch alone dream of for their high school reunion. While her motives are just, Giganta’s take on seemingly heroic actions really sell the story. The art is great with some wonderful facial expressions and close ups for some very effective expressive beats. I almost wish it were worth $10, right?

“Cruel Summer” by Tim Seeley, Minkyu Jung, John Kalisz, and Tom Napolitano

This one takes a very emotional turn. Tim Seeley is ON and the art drives it like a stake, directly into your heart. The effects of this one stayed with me long after I was done with this book. I touched me, Right… there. Definitely, almost worth $10.

“Dog Days of Summer” by Shea Fontana, Carlos D’Anda, Luis Guerrero, and Carlos M. Mangual

It’s kinda like if Luc Besson’s Léon: The Professional with was made with Deathstroke. It’s daaaark and funny and daaaark. If this were a movie it would be worth $10 right there… almost.

“Perfect Gentleman” by Daniel Kibblesmith, Laura Braga, Arif Prianto, and Dave Sharpe

You know those old comic book ads with the muscle guys kicking sand in people’s faces?! Well, this is that, but with Oswald Cobblepot as the weakling. So, yeah, it gets violent. Also, no one kicks sand in his face. It’s over a girl. Who, in a surprise turn, is actually a solid character and not an object. A rare story point, almost worth $10, right there.

“Independence” by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, Tomeu Morey, and Clayton Cowles

Is there anything better than a good Crime Syndicate story? Well, yes… but more importantly this is a REALLY GOOD Crime Syndicate story. Superwoman makes fools out of everyone… almost. It’s a tale of a bunch of evil, sinster people trying to out evil each other in the best way possible. The Nod to Trump at the end isn’t subtle, but just underlines the whole event. It’s delicious… a meal worth almost $10, right there. Greg Joseph Womens Jersey

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