6 Things to Love and 5 Things to Hate About Mission: Impossible – Fallout



Fallout is the newest addition to the Mission: Impossible franchise.  Tom Cruise returns as super spy Ethan Hunt, who is trying to prevent nuclear powered terrorism.  Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson also return as Ethan’s Impossible Mission team.  Henry Cavill joins the cast as August Walker, a CIA assassin who thinks Ethan’s methods are too soft.

Here are 6 things to love and 5 things to hate about this action spy film.  And beware, major spoilers ahead.

LOVE #1 Julia Returns

The return of Michelle Monaghan as Ethan’s former wife Julia.  Her appearances in the film spotlight Ethan’s fear of personal loss.  This fear causes him to put his teammates lives above the mission and risk the death of millions.  However, it also drives him to do the impossible to protect those same millions.

This character development elevates Fallout from both previous films in the franchise and other action movies.

HATE #1 Not Enough Humor

Not enough humor.  While Fallout is not a comedy, a funny line can help diffuse tension in a film full of intense moments.  Humor lets the audience decompress and take a breath between hours of non-stop action.

Brad Bird’s Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol was great at adding humor to scenes that could become overly serious.  Comedy helps ground the characters and make them more real to the audience.  Especially in movies like Fallout, which push the edges of believability.

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