Get Ready For The Next Disney Princess, Sadé From Africa!


Okay, Disney fans – take a deep breath, because the latest Disney news is set to take your breath AWAY. Disney has announced that it’s next princess movie will feature AN AFRICAN PRINCESS.

Nearly a decade after Princess Tiana, but before we get the Shuri solo film we’re all waiting for – Disney is in the beginning phases of a movie with an African princess lead. This live-action film titled Sadé is about a young African girl who accepts magical warrior powers to protect herself and her kingdom when it comes under attack by a mysterious evil force. Typical Disney fare.

Oh, also – there’s going to a be prince that will aid Sadé in her journey and accept what makes her magical and special. So Disney! And I’m not mad about it at all. While I wish we could get another animated princess, I’m all here for all kinds of representation.

There’s nothing else known about the film yet, no cast, no crew, and no release date. I’m still holding my breath in anticipation though.



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