Fisher in Episode IX a Bittersweet Surrender For Hamill


Mark Hamill may not share the same political views as some of the Star Wars fans, but one thing is fairly certain: that he speaks in our collective voice when it comes to his love and adoration of Carrie Fisher. Hamill reacted to the bittersweet news that Star Wars: Episode IX would feature previously unseen footage of Fisher taken from The Force Awakens in this incredibly touching, and heartbreaking manner:

Like most of us, Hamill took solace in the fact that Lucasfilm would honor the late Fisher by not recasting the role. He also thanked fans for the outpouring of affection that flowed through the Internet in reaction to the announcement that Abrams would be using archival footage of Fisher to bring the Skywalker saga to a close.


Hamill and Fisher have had a close relationship for decades following their work together on the original trilogy, and this isn’t the first time the Luke Skywalker actor has tugged at our heartstrings when it comes to Fisher. Marking the anniversary of her passing late last year, Hamill shared this on Instagram with the fitting caption “no one’s every really gone…”:

There was some early speculation as to whether the role of Leia would be recast, with some news outlets suggesting Meryl Streep as a possible replacement. Other rumors suggested the use of the same CGI technology used to bring a young Carrie Fisher back to the silver screen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Thankfully, the studio thought it better to forego both options.

The studio obviously has to deal with Fisher’s death in some capacity, so it remains to be seen how extensively Abrams will use the unseen footage in the final chapter of the nine-episode saga. Seeing Fisher onscreen will be bittersweet, indeed, but I think we all share Mark Hamill’s sentiment: Carrie Fisher is #AlwaysWithUs.

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