POWER RANGERS’ Jason David Frank Has A New Game Coming Soon


San Diego Comic Con was last week and we had a chance to sit down with Legendary Ranger Jason David Frank. JDF was in town promoting Bat in the Sun‘s  and  Nway‘s new update to “Legacy Wars“.  A new trailer was released showcasing a story that involves Tommy, Gia (Super Megaforce) and Ryu from Street Fighter. The unlikely team must join together to stop M. Bison.   Check out the trailer down below:

Legacy Wars also released an image of Ryu Ranger. In the trailer Ryu was given a power coin by Tommy to help combat M.bison and his evil Rangers.


That Hashtag Show was able to sit down with Jason David Frank to talk about many things.  One of the big things he talked about was his involvement with Legacy Wars. He  discussed  how he met with Legacy Wars back in 2017 when the movie was filming and worked with N Way in creating things for the game.

” So what happened with that  Daniel, who I love the Lionsgate films in new way, you know? Nway, all those people over there that created the game when I did the Power Ranger movie on what is out there and I was there with Ludi and you know, came into the smaller office and a lot of passionate people, lot of passionate people building in games. I don’t know much about games.

While talking about the game he mentioned that he also has a mobile game coming out for IOS and Android. he mentioned the game will be free and that he provided motion capture for the game and is excited for the release.

“I do have my own game coming out that was supposed to drop yesterday, but I delayed it a little bit just because of everything else that’s been going on. But it’s super cool, man. I can’t wait. It’s going to be a free download on iphones and droids IOS, all that stuff. So it’s going to be a really cool. I did Mocap on that. I’m pretty proud of that video game. It just matches the brand. My morphin life. I had a guy by name of Alex and we’ll go back to that, but I had a guy named Alex in a whole video team, which reminds me of Nway, working on this game for like two years. I don’t know what it takes to do a video game. I just know I went in there, did some mocap watch the game. I said, oh, that’s me, man”

Jason David Frank  was unable to provide more details on the release, But it will be coming out soon so keep your eye out for this game.




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